Moving Beyond The Rhetoric On Diversity

Months of crisis, from Covid-19 to the fight for racial equality, highlight the importance of corporate diversity and inclusion efforts.

Houston White has known setbacks.

In 2008, he was a self-employed contractor building million-dollar homes in Golden Valley when the foreclosure crisis hit, taking down his business along with it. “I went from making $100,000 a month to nothing. I had to reinvent myself.” He was only 28. He decided to buy a building in the Webber-Camden neighborhood on the north side of Minneapolis and open a barbershop. “I had always loved Camden,” says White, who attended nearby North High and got his barber’s license right out of school, before setting aside his scissors to pursue more lucrative opportunities in construction. “I realized I needed north Minneapolis more than it needed me. Purchasing a building gave me something to focus on, to build.”

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